The nice weather is finally back and we want to make the most of it! Are you always wondering what to do with your children during the holidays or at weekends? Look no further, we have the perfect 12 kids-friendly activities to do near our hotels for you! Whether you like nature, history, animals or thrills, there's something for everyone.

For nature and adventure lovers

Aventure Parc Wavre

For the more adventurous, live a unique experience in the middle of the trees with 28 progressive courses, 3 ziplines, 4 different jumps and 1 laser game.

Create some unforgettable memories with your family or friends a stone’s throw from Martin’s Château du Lac or Martin’s Agora.

Golf cart experience

Rent an electric golf cart at Alden Biesen and discover the surrounding green gardens and flowers. For a journey of up to 45 km with itineraries ranging from 1 to 4 hours, enjoy this experience with young and old alike.

Discover Bilzen and the surrounding area during your stay at Martin's Rentmeesterij.

Walk in Hallerbos

This wood, known for its blue hyacinths that form a carpet of blue flowers from mid-April to early May, is located next to Martin's Red. Take advantage of a family outing to strut your stuff in this magical spot.

Tip: this beautiful scenery always attracts a lot of people, so we advise you to plan a walk early in the morning or in the evening!

Walk in Château de La Hulpe - Domaine Solvay

Walk idea for these sunny days: Domaine Solvay in La Hulpe! This fairytale Domaine located only 5 minutes away by car or 15 minutes by bike from Martin’s Château du Lac is a great place to unwind and enjoy a long walk in the nature. In the middle of the park stands a beautiful castle built in French style. If you are lucky you may even come across squirrels, there are many of them!

This beautiful park is a must-see during your stay at Martin’s Château du Lac.

For animal lovers

Pairi Daiza

Go for an unforgettable journey while staying in Belgium, that is what you can do in Pairi Daiza. Explore 5 continents and see more than 7.000 different animals in a single day.

Pairi Daiza is not only an animal park, it’s a voyage of discovery through 700 extraordinary species inhabiting unique and authentic territories in a park creating an atmosphere from the four corners of the globe. A unique experience to be enjoyed by young and not so young alike!

Pairi Daiza, located 30 minute away of Martin's Dream, offers an experience to be shared during your stay in our hotel.

For indoor activities lovers


On a cloudy day during your holiday, you could go on a journey of discovery through the world of science.

A fascinating activity for children who can understand the principles of science thanks to interactive installations, and live experiments that will captivate their curiosity, and spark their imagination.

An immersive experience where learning becomes an adventure and every moment is filled with wonder and excitement next to Martin’s Patershof.

Hergé Museum

Are you familiar with the Adventures of Tintin? This boy with his distinctive haircut and his faithful companion, the dog named Snowy.

Discover the history behind the creation of this comic character and learn about the life of Georges Remi, the creator known as Hergé, at the Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve.

A visit not to be missed during your stay at Martin's Agora.


Do you like competition, video games and having fun at the same time?
Discover BattleKart, the perfect combination of electric cars, video games and augmented reality.
Drive around the course, collecting bonus points and avoiding the traps set by your opponents.

This activity at Tour & Taxis will add a new flavour to your stay at Martin's Brussels EU.

For history lovers


Step back in time at Historium Bruges and immerse yourself in the medieval charm of the city. Delve into the vibrant history of Bruges during its golden age as a thriving merchant hub, brought to life through immersive and interactive experiences. Situated on the Grote Markt, Historium Bruges offers a panoramic 360° view of the city's iconic landmarks, allowing you to fully appreciate its architectural splendor.
A visit not to be missed during your stay at Martin's Brugge or Martin's Relais.

Villers Abbey

The Villers Abbey enchants with its timeless allure and rich history. Its majestic ruins offer a captivating glimpse into medieval life, beckoning visitors to explore its storied past.

A lot of activities and events are also organized in this place of tranquillity. Workshops and discovery booklets for children, expositions and concerts or beer tasting so all the family can enjoy it!

The Abbey is located 20 minutes away from Martin’s Agora.

For events lovers

Cirkl Circus

For the weekend of May 10th to 12th, discover the art of the circus with a festival in the centre of Leuven with impressive performances, delicious food trucks, music, or the opportunity to experience the circus for yourself.

Extend the magic with a stay at Martin's Klooster, where the works of two artists will be exhibited in the garden.

For brunch lovers

Enjoy your Pentecost long weekend a little more, and book a table for a delicious brunch on the 19th of May in the restaurant AKKO at Martin’s Rentmeesterij. Treat yourself to a buffet brunch with an assortment of sweet and savoury platters for €59 per adult and €29 per child aged 5 to 12, drinks included.