Martin's Hotels, a prestigious group of 12 hotels located all around Belgium, offers a unique and diversified experience to its guests. These establishments fall into three distinct categories: Lifestyle, City, and Heritage.

Each category offers unique experiences and responds to specific needs. Today, we're going to focus on the Heritage collection.

As its name suggests, this collection is rich in history and tradition, offering guests an immersion in the past through places charged with authenticity and historic charm.

Here's the story of the six hotels in the Heritage collection:

Martin's Château du Lac in Genval, a romantic Lorraine-style castle built in 1906, has a rich history. Originally designed as a spa, this elegant building soon attracted attention for its enchanting setting and refined architecture. It was later converted into a bottling plant for Schweppes, contributing to the local industrial history.

In 1985, the castle was transformed once again when it was converted into a luxurious 5-star hotel. While preserving the timeless charm of its original architecture, the hotel has incorporated modern facilities to offer guests exceptional comfort. Nestling on the shores of Lake Genval, the Château du Lac offers a breathtaking view of the lake. Today, this historic jewel continues to seduce visitors with its elegance, rich history and serene atmosphere.

Martin's Rentmeesterij in Bilzen, is a hotel located in a magnificent historic building. This manor house, formerly known as the Intendant's House and dating from the 13ᵉ century, bears witness to a rich past. It has been carefully preserved and beautifully restored.

Recently, it has been extended with the addition of an elegant contemporary wing, creating a harmony between the charm of the old and modern comfort. The hotel is the perfect combination of history and modernity, offering guests a unique experience in a setting that is both authentic and refined.

Martin's Relais in Brugge, is a character hotel that promises a comfortable stay in the heart of the city's historic district. Its history dates back to the 13ᵉ century, when its five buildings successively served as a residence, refuge and trading post, testifying to their importance through the ages. In the 18ᵉ century, these buildings were carefully renovated, preserving their charm while incorporating elements of modern comfort.

Since 2003, this historic hotel has welcomed heritage lovers, offering them a pleasant cocoon in the centre of Bruges. Located in a charming spot, this hotel offers a blend of elegance and authenticity.

Martin's Klooster in Leuven, built in the 16ᵉ century to house Charles V's secretary, is much more than just a historical building. Over the centuries, the building has been transformed from a convent to a hospital for knights, and has even served as a popular stop-off point on the pilgrims' route.

Since 2003, this emblematic building has been delighting visitors to Leuven as a hotel, offering a unique experience full of charm and authenticity. Its storied past makes it an enchanting place where every stone tells a story.

Martin's Patershof in Mechelen: The history of this fascinating place goes back more than eight centuries, when the Friars Minor settled in the Mechelen region. However, it wasn't until 1863 that the splendid neo-Gothic convent as we know it today was built. This architectural masterpiece, with its meticulous detail and unique atmosphere, has survived the ages.

Since 2009, these exceptional buildings have been transformed to house Martin's Patershof, a renowned hotel that ranks among the best in Mechelen. Not only does it offer luxury accommodation, it also delves into the history and heritage of the region, combining old-world charm with modern comforts.

Martin's Manoir in Genval located in Genval, was built in the early 20ᵉ century in Victorian style. Initially, this manor house was used as a private residence. However, during the Second World War, it was requisitioned by the Luftwaffe, the German air force. In 1982, the manor house was transformed into a meeting space. Finally, in 1990, it became part of the Martin's family of hotels, enriching its architectural and historical heritage.