Today, we want to highlight the people you don't see when you stay in a hotel... but who are nonetheless essential to their good functioning. We'll start this serie of interviews with one of our group's most emblematic person: Glory Enabunlele, the Floor Supervisor of the Château du Lac, who has been with us for almost 20 years.

  • "Good afternoon Glory, thanks for attending this interview. First of all, could you present yourself ?"

"My name is Glory Enabunlele. I'm from Nigeria. I live in Belgium since 24 years now. I am married and I have two boys. I arrived at Martin's Hotels in 2007. In April 2007, more precisely."

  • "Could you describe your job and your main tasks?"

"Wow, there's a lot! I do work here at the Château du Lac but also at the Martin's Manoir and the offices (HR, Sales, etc). Last year, I was promoted to a new position : Floor Supervisor. My goal is to ensure that the standards of cleanliness are met. In terms of tasks, I do a lot of different things from cleaning the rooms, keep the common areas tidy, fill in the minibars and coordinate all the housekeepers. "

  • "What are the three qualities needed to work in the housekeeping department?"

"Simple, you just have to be courageous, positive and willing to work! I also would like to add : avoid stress, there's no need for that."

  • "What are the things you enjoy the most in your job?"

"I like that question, very good one. I love seeing people, I love communication. I love to see when clients are happy. I love saying hello and interact with the people I meet during the day. Satisfying the guests is my pleasure. It's a part of me. I like meeting their needs. It really gives me joy.

  • "On the opposite, which tasks would you avoid doing?"

"Lifting heavy things. I have some problems with my shoulders so it's something I'm glad to avoid during the day. We're not getting younger anyway."(she's laughing)

  • "What anecdotes can you give us?"

"Hooo I have plenty! There's one I want to tell. I like to talk to clients when I see them across the hotel. One day, I was climbing the stairs at a great pace and a man who was also on those stairs started congratulate me for my great positive energy. We both started laughing. I didn't know at that time it was the Founder and C.E.O of our group, John Martin himself. I thought he was just one of our clients! But it's just the way I am, always smiling and energetic!"

  • "Looking back in your rear mirror, anything you would have changed or done differently?"

"Honestly, nothing. Everything I'm doing, I always do it with pleasure. I love to improve myself every time. I always give my best. That's also the way I was brought up, in anything you do, do it right. Be always proud of what you do. It will benefit you but also other people."

  • "What is it like to work for Martin's Hotels?"

"We are like a big family. It's a great pleasure to work here, especially among all my colleagues. I love being around them."

  • "Some advice to share with us?"

"Do all the things in the right way. You have nothing to lose. Show some respect. Never forget to treat the clients the best way you can. Why? Because clients are the reason we are here. They are the reason why I'm working here today. If I do my job right, those clients will be the best publicity for Martin's Hotels."

  • "Thanks a lot Glory for your time and we are truly grateful for all the hard work you put in!"

Meet one of the smiling faces of Château du Lac ☀️🏰 #interview #teatime #hotel #hotellife #castle #chateaudulac

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