At the end of May, I tested the Martin's Cycle Tours experience for you. A programme set up by Martin's Hotels in 2022 to offer travelers a new kind of tourist experience. One that allows us to enjoy the little things around us, to feel more connected to our environment and to take a break from our usual routine.

What are Martin's Cycle Tours?

The Martin's Hotels group is offering you a unique opportunity to (re)discover Belgium's rich heritage by embarking on a cycling adventure. The concept is simple: you choose the place, the date and the number of people, and the rest is organized by the hotel. It's a 100% original route, allowing you to go from one hotel to another without worrying about your luggage (which is taken care of by the hotel). This service is offered from a minimum of 2 pieces of luggage at a price of approximately €28, per piece of luggage and per trip. So you can enjoy the walk with a light mind and without a bad back. A real bonus for the less athletic among us! Take your time to explore the surroundings and take the opportunity to stop at the activities offered along the way.

You have two options when it comes to hiring bikes: either you're used to doing the 400 knocks with your bike and prefer to take it with you, or Martin's Hotels will put you in touch with its partner who will deliver the electric bikes to you on time.

The Leuven-Mechelen route

Several routes are available, depending on the region you wish to visit. I chose Leuven-Mechelen both for its journey time - around 3 hours 30 minutes - its picturesque route along the Dyle, but also to enjoy these two beautiful cities during the spring season. In this way, you can easily combine a dynamic city trip with a slower discovery of the Belgian countryside. At the end of the day, the nearest Martin's hotel will be happy to welcome you for an overnight stay. Brussels, Mechelen, Genval, Leuven and many more will soon hold no secrets for you!

A return to the roots that feels good

The Martin's Cycle Tours are an authentic experience that you can do as a couple, with your children or with friends. I went with a friend, and the weekend did us a world of good, both physically and psychologically. Bye bye everyday stress and hello total disconnection. It's also a great opportunity to get together with friends and family over a convivial weekend.

What can you visit in Leuven and Mechelen during the weekend?

To find out about all the places to visit in Mechelen, read our article on the city's must-sees. Highlights include the Saint-Rombaut Tower, the De Vleeshalle Food Market, the Haverwerf houses and the UNESCO-listed Beguinage of Mechelen.

Leuven is a lively student town. Its many shops, restaurants, boutiques and bars contribute to its development. The central square is surrounded by charming historic buildings such as the town hall and St Peter's church. The atmosphere of this town is extraordinary, especially when the fine weather arrives. Another of the town's natural jewels is its botanical garden, the Kruidtuin. This park, with its flower-lined paths, pond, pontoons and diversity of plants, is a romantic setting. A must-see for all nature lovers, especially as admission is free.

A nod to the environment

This type of experience is a great way to learn how to travel responsibly. If you fancy a change of scenery for a few days, consider Martin's Cycle Tours and discover the secret corners of our beautiful country. You can enjoy this timeless tour from May to October at Martin's Hotels.

I really enjoyed the experience. Not being much of a sportswoman myself, I was amazed to be able to enjoy myself while pedaling through the Belgian countryside (the electric side of the bike really helped). The landscapes are green, the Dyle follows you for several kilometers and visiting Mechelen and Leuven at this time of year is a real treat. Here's a little tip: get a holder to hold your smartphone on the bike. It will guide you throughout the journey, so it's essential that it's within reach at all times!