Carnival festivities are a tradition throughout Belgium. This year again they take place in two parts, with on the one hand the Carnivals taking place during the fat days and on the other hand those taking place the fourth Sunday of Lent in March.

Carnival of Binche

from February 19th to 21th

Binche hosts the most famous Carnival in Belgium. It has been an institution for over 600 years. The festivities in Binche are known worldwide for the originality of the costumes, the authenticity of the customs and the Gilles de Binche, famous Carnival characters. On Shrove Sunday, transvestites, viols and drums walk around the city from 9 am. Monday is Children’s Day! At the end of the school day, everyone receives a basket and oranges to distribute. This day ends with a fireworks display just like the next day to end the Carnival in style. By the way, did you know that we have a suite decorated on the theme of the Carnival of Binche at Martin's Dream in Mons?

Carnival of Malmedy

from February 18th to 22th

The Carnival of Malmedy, better known as "Cwarmê" is also back for our greatest pleasure. The festivities take place over four days. On Sunday, February 19, it is the big procession where you can admire the parade of more than 2000 transvestites wearing traditional masks. On Monday, the day of the roles, we can attend the humorous representations whose tradition goes way back. The Carnival ends with a last parade with music and the highlight of the show, the ritual of burning the “Haguète”, a straw mannequin, representing the main character of the Cwarmê of Malmedy. Small anecdote, the "Cwarmê" is classified as an intangible heritage of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Carnival of Stavelot

from March 18th to 20th

The Carnival of Stavelot in the province of Liege takes place during the Laetare festival. During three days, the inhabitants of Stavelot work collectively to parade in the streets of the city and offer grandiose festivities. The central character of the Laetare of Stavelot is the "Blanc-Moussi", which means “dressed in white”. Symbol of the Carnival of Stavelot, the "Blanc-Moussi" is a very simple disguise made of a white bedsheet and a white pillowcase. This Carnival takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent. A Carnival that will make your eyes sparkle with its great fireworks on Sunday, March 19 at 9pm!

Carnival of Aalst

from February 19th to 21th

The Aalst Carnival is a 600-year-old festive ritual that takes place every year in Aalst, Flanders. The festivities are marked by several street events: the symbolic proclamation of the Prince of Carnival as mayor of the city, candy throwing, a broom dance to chase away ghosts and the final ritual of burning the effigy of Carnival. Traditions that endure and make this Carnival a must-see.

Carnival of Eupen

from February 16th to 21th

The city of Eupen is also known for its carnival rituals. The Carnival starts with the Thursday of the women, day when everything is allowed for you ladies. Sunday is reserved for children and the election of the Carnival Prince who rules the city during the 3 days of the festival. The festivities end on Monday with a procession made up of floats, each more colorful than the last, which parade through the streets throwing paper roses to the crowd, hence the name Rose Monday. A Carnival that is not to be missed!

Carnival of Nivelles

from February 26th to 28th

The Carnival of Nivelles is one of the oldest in the province of Walloon Brabant. The festivities start on Sunday February 26 with a departure at 3:15 pm of the Gilles, Paysannes and Fantaisies procession. The next day, you can attend the selfie contest in costume and mask on the Grand-Place and the Place Emile de Lalieux between 7 and 10 pm. And to finish the day, you can admire the fireworks at 10 pm. An enchanting moment for your eyes!

Carnaval of Halle

from March 18th to 20th

The city of Halle, located in the Flemish Region, starts the festivities in March. During three days, the events follow one another, starting with the dowel procession on Saturday. Sunday is divided into two parts: offerings of candles and the parade of the great procession. Finally, on Monday at the end of the day you can attend the fireworks at 10 pm. The particularity of this Carnival is that every end of the day the city plunges into a night of madness. The participants enjoy this Carnival 24/24h to celebrate friendship so why not join them this year?

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